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Curriculum vitae

Nicholas T. Zervas, M.D.

Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery Harvard Medical School
Chief, Massachusetts General Hospital Neurosurgical Service


    l950 A.B., Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    l954 M.D., (With honors), University of Chicago School of Medicine, Chicago, Illinois

Post Doctoral Training

    1954-55 Surgical Intern, New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, New York, New York
    1955-56 Assistant Resident in Neurology, Neuropathology, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, Quebec
    1956-58 Captain, United States Army Medical Corps
    1958-62 Resident in Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
    1960-61 Clinical Fellow in Stereotaxic Cerebral Surgery, Hospital Ste. Anne, (Service of Dr. Jean Talairach), Paris, France
    1962 Teaching Fellow in Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts


    Massachusetts Board Certification
    American Board of Neurological Surgery

Academic Appointments:

    Associate in Neurosurgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery), Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery), Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
    Visiting Lecturer, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    Associate Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery), Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
    1977-86 Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
    1986- Higgins Professor of Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Hospital Appointments:

    l962-66 Assistant Attending Surgeon, Jefferson Medical College, Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    1962-67 Assistant Neurosurgeon, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1967-77 Chief, Neurosurgical Service, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
    1977- Chief of the Neurosurgical Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

Awards and Honors:

    l957 Sigma XI
    l987 Honorary Doctor of Science, Curry College
    l987 Distinguished Alumnus Award, University of Chicago
    l987 Annual Award of National Council of Christians and Jews
    1992 Institute of Medicine

Professional Committee Appointments:

    1963-74 Confinia Neurologica, Assistant Editor
    1967-73 International Society for Research intereoencephalotomy,
    1970-78 Harvard Medical School, Committee on Admissions
    1971-73 American Stereotaxic Society, Secretary
    l975- Journal of Applied Neurophysiology, Editorial Board
    1975-77 Harvard Medical School, Faculty Council
    1975-77 World Society of Stereotaxic & Functional Surgery, Board of Directors
    1975-81 World Society of Stereotaxic and Functional Surgery, Historian
    1975 Massachusetts Medical Society, Chairman of Scientific Program of Annual Meeting for 1976
    1975-77 Joint Board on Medical Malpractice Insurance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Director
    1976-79 Boston Medical Library, Trustee
    1976- Princeton Conferences on Cerebral Vascular Disease, Program Committee
    l977-90 Neurology/Neurosurgery Update Series, Editorial Board
    1983-91 Journal of Neurosurgery
    Editorial Board (1983-1990)
    Editorial Board, Chairman (l989-1990)
    l984-91 American Academy of Neurological Surgery,
    Treasurer (1984-1987)
    Secretary (l987-1990)
    President (l990-1991)
    American Board of Neurological Surgery,
    Director (l985-90)
    Chairman (1990-91)
    American Association of Neurological Surgeons
    Executive Council, Research Foundation.
    Vice-Chairman (1986-1990) Nominating Committee (1988- )
    Brain Research Institute, University of Chicago, Board of Scientific Counsellors1988-89
    International Congress of Hellenic Neuroscientists, President
    Neurosurgical Consultations, Editorial Board
    National Panel for Research in Neurological Disorders in the Decade of the Brain

Community Service:

    National Council of the Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C., Member
    1974-78 New England Conservatory of Music, Board of Trustees
    1978-84 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Council on the Arts
    and Humanities, Member
    1982-88 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Overseer
    1984-90 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Council on the Arts
    and Humanities, Chairman
    l987- Massachusetts Seatbelt Coalition, Board of Directors
    l988- Boston Symphony Orchestra, Trustee
    1992-94 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Vice Chairman
    1994 Boston Symphony Orchestra, President


    1962- American Medical Association
    1963- International Society for Research in Stereoencephalotomy
    Philadelphia Neurosurgical Society
    1964- Congress of Neurological Surgeons
    American Association of Neurological Surgeons
    1966- American College of Surgeons
    1967- American Association for the Advancement of Science
    1968- Massachusetts Medical Society
    1968- New England Neurosurgical Society
    1969- Boston Surgical Society
    1970- Boston Neurosurgical Society
    1971- American Stereotaxic Society
    1971- Research Society of Neurological Surgeons
    1972- American Academy of Neurological Surgery
    1975- Society for Neuroscience
    1976- Society of Neurological Surgeons
    1976-80 Federation of American Scientists
    1978- American Neurological Association
    l989 National Cushing's Association
    l989- Societe de Neurochirurgie de la Langue Francaise (Honorary)
    1992- National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Medicine
    1995- Hellenic American Medical Society

Representative Publications (chronological order):

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  • Baltzan MA, Olszewski J and Zervas NT. Chronic porto-hepatic encephalopathy. J Neuropath Exp Neurol. 1957; 16:410-421.
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