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  STATS - Web Logs and Activity
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We routinely collect extensive web logs and usage activity for our Neurosurgery intranet and internet systems for diagnostics as well as for useage records. However, we do not routinely perform statical analysis of the useage for each site. Periodic 'stats' are done to get a snapshot of what is visited frequently and what user interests are for the information we provide.
Web Server Statistics:

History .....from first system born in early March 95...

Notes on Web Server Stats (definitions):

  • Hit - Any connection to a site, including pages, images and errors.
  • Request - A hit that successfully retrieves content. Requests don't include images or errors. Request counts are conservative because Internet gateways intercept some requests before reaching the server, and these requests are never logged.
  • Visit - A series of consecutive requests from a single user to a site. New visits begin with referring links external to the site. If a user doesn't make a request for a certain period of time, the previous series of requests is considered a completed visit.
  • User - Anyone who visits the site at least once. Log analyzer software recognizes unique users. Many portal systems use gateways or cache servers, so user counts may be conservative.
  • Current Year :

    One year period 10/01/2005 thru 09/30/06 usage summary. Stats only for Neurosurgery - Hits vs. Requests vs. Visits vs. Users vs. Requests/User:

    October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006 Number of hits Number of requests Number of visits Number of users Average requests
    per visit
    Total 42,066,994 2,982,889 1,287,107 1,022,229 2.51

    A) Daily visit trends - the number of visits for each day in the analysis in the year 10/01/2005 thru 09/30/06. Weekdays are shown as blue bars and weekends as red ones. B) Usage by day of week - average over the year 10/2005 thru end of 09/2006. C) Usage by hour of the day - average over the year 10/2005 thru end of 09/2006.

    Top files requested on

    Title % of requests
    1. /  main directory of the web 9.45%
    2. /meninghp.htm 2.34%
    3. /nonc-hp.htm 1.89%
    4. /Spine/ 1.75%
    5. /TNHFS/ 1.57%
    6. /Neurovascular/ 1.53%
    7. /SptGps.htm 1.31%
    8. /ProtonBeam/ 1.27%
    9. /people.htm 1.23%
    10. /Functional/ 1.19%
    11. /refer.htm  email request system 1.13%
    12. /History/ 1.02%
    Total** 25.68%
    **/robots.txt file had 4.80% of the requests indicating that the site is heavily indexed by the major search engines and consequently cached versions are served elsewhere, i.e. these stats under represent the activity on
    Neurosurgery Information Systems (summary of system types):
    • Web Severs - clinical and research services, and hosted 'patient-to-patient' services
    • Mail Servers - routine e-mail, web mail, email referral system and email listserver systems
    • Database Servers - clinical, research, office data systems
    • DICOM Image Servers - medical images and archives
    • Mobile Application Servers - wireless & wifi access to protected and intranet resources and data systems
    • Remote Access Servers - modem dial-up and virtual private network VPN connections
    Main Neurosurgery Systems (Clinical & Research):
    • Neurosurgery (Main) Web - - Information on the Brain Tumor Center, Neurovascular Surgery Center, Neuroendocrine & Pituitary Tumor Center, Cranial Base Center, Spine and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Center, Proton Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Neurosurgery) Center, Pediatric & Developmental Neurosurgery Center, Neurogenetic Surgery, Trigeminal Neuralgia / Hemifacial Spasm Center, Functional & Stereotactic Neurosurgery Center, Neuroimaging Resources, Neurosurgery Operating Rooms, Trauma, Emergency, Intensive Care & General Neurosurgery Center, the Neuroscience Care Center.
    • Research @ Neurosurgery Web - - Information on clinical and basic research activities of the Neurosurgery Laboratories and associated research laboratories.
    • Neurosurgery Residency Program Web - - Information on the Neurosurgery Residency Training Program, and the current Residents.
    • Neurosurgical Society Alumni Web - - Information on Neurosurgeons, Residents, Fellows and Research Investigators Alumni of the Neurosurgical Service.
    • Mobile Applications Servers (Data) - Mobile device (Palm, PocketPC, SmartPhone, WiFi, etc) access to intranet services including enterprise directory (PPD), Neurosurgery OnCall (patient laboratory results, patient location and clinical reports), medical images, Neurosurgery Service Lists (North, South, East, West, EW, NeuroOnc) and other web enabled content.
    • Mobile Applications Servers (Communication) - Mobile device (Palm, PocketPC, SmartPhone, WiFi,etc) access to enterprise email, calendar, contacts and pagers.
    • Neurosurgery Intranet Web Sites - - portal to intranet services, access to case image datasets (DICOM microPACS).
    • Remote Access Servers - modem dial-up, virtual private network [VPN], and Terminal Service Server [TS] remote desktops for remote access to the network, information systems and applications.
    Supporting Neurosurgery Systems (Clinical & Research):
    Patient-to-Patient Neurosurgery Hosted Systems:
    • Facial-Neuralgia - (plus 1 other and ListServ)
    • Hydrocephalus Foundation -
    • Seattle Acoustic Neuroma Group (SANG) - (plus 2 others)
    • The Healing Exchange, Brain Trust - (plus 2 others)
    • Bulletin Board Guest Book Forums - Neurosurgery Service Specialties, and Pituitary Disorders
    • ListServ Email Systems - Patient-to-Patient email based discussion groups:,,,
    MGH Neurosurgical Service Web Services:
    bullet MGH Neurosurgical Service bullet Spine Tumor Center at MGH
    bullet Brain Tumor Center at MGH bullet Research at MGH Neurosurgery
    bullet Neuroscience Care Units at MGH bullet Residents at Neurosurgery
    Neurosurgery Grand Rounds and Medical Education:
    bullet WWW.Neurosurg.Info bullet Grand Rounds Presentations
    bullet Neurosurg.Info Grand Rounds 2005 Schedule bullet History of Neurosurgery at MGH
    bullet Neurosurg.Info Education 2005 Calendar    
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