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MGH Neurosurgical Service
MGH Neurology Department

Support Group Meetings | Electronic Support Groups
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Support Group Meetings -- Live People-to-People Meetings

  • Support Group for Brain AVM Patients and their Families:
    The MGH Brain Aneurysm/ AVM Center has formed a Brain AVM Support Group for patients that have or that are about to have brain AVM embolization, brain AVM surgery and/or both. The purpose for this support group is to provide patients and their families with the educational tools and emotional support needed to get them through this difficult time. Our goal is to try and help alleviate fears and concerns through education and group discussions. Issues such as the origin of brain AVM's, the course of treatment, and overall prognosis will be among some of the topics we will be discussing. The leader's task is to support patients and their families while they recognize and hopefully resolve concerns they have regarding the procedures.
  • Brain Tumor Support Group
    A drop-in support group for patients and family members with brain tumors. There are weekly speakers with group support from the MGH BTC Nursing Staff and MGH Social Services.

Support Groups -- Electronic Patient-to-Patient Services

E-Mail Lists | Web Forums | GuestBooks | Chat Rooms | Bulletin Boards | News Servers | WebSites

E-mail ListServers

We now host several E-mail List Support Groups. They are e-mail based ListServer systems that allow you to Subscribe and/or Unsubscribe to e-mail mailing lists that will provide information about several topics relating to Neurological and Neurosurgical diseases or disorders. The currently available E-mail lists are:

  • - Brain ArterioVenous Malformations (AVMs) (Public - Unmoderated List - Open Subscriptions)
  • - Brain Aneurysms (Public - Unmoderated List - Open Subscriptions)
  • - Brain Proton Beam RadioNeurosurgery (Public - Unmoderated List - Open Subscriptions)

See more information on each of these E-mail lists, that includes directions on how to Subscribe.

Web Forums

MGH Neurosurgery Web Forums (listServer archives & discussion groups):

The E-mail ListServer now allows for Web Forums which are archives of e-mail messages posted to the ListServer groups. The web forums allow users to read archived messages, and provide for on-line Subscriptions to the forums. Members can post messages to the groups.

MGH Neurology Web-Forums (bulletin-board discussion groups) - a collection of over 200 separate online support groups for individuals with neurologic disease now at

  • MGH / Harvard Neurosurgical Service
  • Brain Tumor Center at MGH
  • Research @ MGH Neurosurgery
  • MGH Neurosurgery Alumni
  • Brain Tumor Research Center
  • History of Neurosurgery at MGH
  • Neurosurgery Grand Rounds
    Neurosurgical Service
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    Boston, MA 02114
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