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  Hosted & Patient-to-Patient Support Services
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See also Hosting Services

Patient-to-Patient Support Services

The MGH Neurosurgical Service "hosts" a number of Internet and Intranet services. Some of the services that we have hosted, or groups that we work closely with at MGH have hosted, include:

  • Domain Hosting
  • Web Sites
  • Web Pages
  • Web GuestBooks
  • Web Forums
  • Web ChatRooms
  • E-mail ListServer
  • Bulletin Board Services (BBS)
  • BBS Discussion Groups

Note: These services are provided as a "Patient-to-Patient" informational resource. They are provided within the limitations of the hardware, software and network infrastructure that we have available.

    If you would like to contribute to a Patient-to-Patient hosted site, please let us know!

We are always interested in discussing the possibility of making more informational resources available. There are, however, some basic "Principles of Understanding" that must be considered and agreed to before we can host a web site, domain or any service for a group outside of the MGH Institution.

GuestBook System:

We offer a number of GuestBook systems where you can post comments, or questions to other people. But please do not post medical question here unless you are looking for Patient-to-Patient feedback. Please see the guidelines below.

These Public GuestBooks are intended for Patients, Family and Friends as a way to:

  • post Public information, comments and feedback
  • post questions and concerns to which other patients can respond
  • get in touch with others that have had similar concerns
  • or get support in knowing that there are others with similar problems

    But again, these GuestBooks are not a place to ask medical treatment questions !!

WebForums & ChatRooms:

Other than the above "Trial" Web Crossing demos, we do not (yet) offer direct WebForums for responses to medical related questions or for "Patient-to-Patient" Discussion groups.

We work closely with the MGH Neurology group that offers a wide range of Web Forums and ChatRooms. So, please look at:

The MGH Neurology Systems

Web Pages, Web Sites & Domains:

In addition to our own sites/pages, we have been hositng web pages, and sites for some time now. Just recently, we have been allowed to host domains. The first hosted domain was for the Acoustic Neuroma Association.  Now there are a number of others.

Please see   for a partial listing.

Bulletin Board Discussion Services

Trial Patient-to-Patient Bulletin Board Discussion Service using a web form entry system.

Just added the capability to host multiple BB Discussion Groups. Will try e-mail posting, auto-refreshing, search function, bad word check, private bbs, message preview, and subscribing script add-ons next.

So please give it a try, enjoy the discussion, and leave us some feedback!

  • Perl BBS Discussion Groups
  • AnyBoardTM Systems

E-Mail ListServer Discussion Services

We offer several informational list servers that has been running for several years. We can easily add more lists if they are useful. The current software packages (EMWAC IMS freeware or L-soft ListServ Lite) are good steady basic packages, but it does not offer any bells or whistles. We are open to recommendations about better list server software.

Support Groups & Patient-to-Patient Services

See more information at

Support Group Meetings | Electronic Support Groups
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Netiquette for the Web, E-Mail Lists & Web Forums

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