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Local Emergency
Neurosurgical Hotline
617 - 726 - 8582

National and
International Referrals
617 - 726 - 8581

International Referrals

The Neurosurgical Service sees many international patients with unusual and complicated neurosurgical problems. A one page summary of the history in English allows us to form an opinion on the advisability of travel to the U.S. As with any patient, the MRI and CT scans are needed for evaluation. These can be reviewed before the patient comes to the United States. An in-person evaluation and any surgical procedures are done at the patient's convenience.

The Massachusetts General Hospital Admitting Department has established a reputable International Program. Representatives from the International Patient and Family Center are available to assist international patients and their families with transportation, lodging, interpretation, and other needs. For information contact the International Program Office at:

Telephone Number: (617) 726-2787
Fax Number: (617) 726-2543

We welcome the opportunity to continue serving the international community.

Please, remember to contact the appropriate physician's office before sending films or pathology slides.

to the
Neurosurgical Service
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School

Neurosurgical Access Nurse - The primary role of our access nurse is to triage, and direct outpatient neurosurgical consults to the most appropriate neurosurgical service, and to assist in arranging transfer of patients from other hospitals. The Access Nurse is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. For access after hours call the MD Connect number which puts you in immediate contact with the MGH admitting office
For general clinical information or referals,
during normal business hours, please call
Clinical Access Nurse.
Patient Line : 617-726-2937
Fax: 617-724-3484
For general clinical information or referals, during normal business hours,
please call the Clinical Access Nurse at 617-726-2937
Neurosurgery Access Program
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114
MD Connect
For access after normal business hours
Neurosurgery Access Nurse
Monday through Friday, normal business hours
Office: 617-726-2937
Clinical Neurosurgery
Main Number 617-726-8581

When you need a referral to a physician in the Neurosurgical Service at the MGH and are unable to locate the appropriate name elsewhere at our Web site, please contact:

  • Bob Carter, MD, PhD  Chief, Department of Neurosurgery
    • Phone: (617) 726-8581, Facsimile: (617) 726-4814
    • By E-mail ask for a referral to a neurosurgeon send e-mail to:
      NOTE: the email subject line must have
      **Referral Request
      or it will not go to the intended people
      due to spam filtering.

    • Please Do not send any medical records or medical images
    • Provide only a brief medical history.
  • The following list is a pointer to the referral information to the MGH Neurosurgical Specially Units at this Web site.
  • For a listing of MGH/Harvard-trained neurosurgeons around the world see the Neurosurgical Service Alumni Homepage.
  • For information on other neurosurgical web sites see our Links page.

Partners Online Specialty Consultations


For additional information on referrals to the MGH Neurosurgical Service and Associated Units
see the specialty pages below:

The MGH Physician Referral Service

The MGH Physician Referral Service assists patients in obtaining appointments with physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital and its Health Centers in the wide range of services available at MGH.

We'll help you find the care you need at MGH.

  • MGH / Harvard Neurosurgical Service
  • Brain Tumor Center at MGH
  • Research @ MGH Neurosurgery
  • MGH Neurosurgery Alumni
  • Brain Tumor Research Center
  • History of Neurosurgery at MGH
  • Neurosurgery Grand Rounds
    Neurosurgical Service
    General Hospital
    55 Fruit Street
    Gray 502
    Boston, MA 02114
    NeurosurgeryS @ MGHNeurosurgical Service @ MGHDiagnosis @ MGH
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