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The PEDIATRIC-PAIN mailing list is an international Internet forum for informal discussion of any topic related to pain in children. There are currently over 700 members on six continents. Appropriate subjects might include: clinical problems or questions, research problems or proposals, announcements of meetings, book reviews, and political or administrative aspects of children's pain management and prevention.

To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to:


The first line of the body of the message should read:

subscribe PEDIATRIC-PAIN your-first-name your-last-name

To remove your name from the list, send:

unsubscribe PEDIATRIC-PAIN

(DO NOT send these messages to PEDIATRIC-PAIN@IS.DAL.CA).

The list is open to any professional or parent (or child!) with interest or expertise in the area. Once you are registered, any message you send to PEDIATRIC-PAIN@IS.DAL.CA will be forwarded to all members of the

If you have questions or problems relating to the list, please contact Allen Finley at: pediatric-pain-request@is.dal.ca or allen.finley@dal.ca

Please feel free to copy this notice to other interested individuals or appropriate mailing lists. We look forward to hearing from you!

G. Allen Finley MD FRCPC and Patrick McGrath PhD
Dalhousie University
IWK Health Centre
Halifax, NS, CANADA B3J 3G9

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