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ABTA Homepage


formerly Association for Brain Tumor Research
2720 River Road Suite 146
Des Plaines, Illinois 60018-4110
(847) 827-9910
FAX: (847) 827-9918
Patient and Family Line: (800) 886-2282

The American Brain Tumor Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of brain tumors through research and patient education services. ABTA is the oldest organization furthering this effort, begun in 1973 by two mothers struggling to understand brain tumors. Since then, ABTA has funded over $2 million in research awards to the most prestigious institutions in the United States.


  • Message Line Newsletter
  • Physician Resource Listings
  • Support Group Listings by State
  • Connections pen-pal program
  • Fellowship Research Awards
  • Lebow Conference on etiology (causes) of brain tumors
  • ABTA Brain Tumor Symposium for patients, families, healthcare professionals (next symposium is July, 1997)
  • Internet accessible materials (see listing below)
  • Brain Tumor Survivor's Guide to the Internet


The following publications are available through ABTA free-of- charge to patients and their loved ones. Highlighted publications are also available on line.

  • A Brain Tumor - Sharing Hope
  • A Primer of Brain Tumors (fifth edition)
  • Dictionary for Brain Tumor Patients
  • About Ependymoma
  • About Glioblastoma Multiforme and Anaplastic Astrocytoma
  • About Medulloblastoma/PNET
  • About Meningioma
  • About Metastatic Tumors to the Brain & Spine
  • About Oligodendroglioma and Mixed Glioma
  • About Pituitary Tumors
  • Alex's Journey: The story of a child with a brain tumor (for children 9-13)
  • When your Child is Ready to Return to School
  • Message Line, newsletter tri-annually
  • Chemotherapy of Brain Tumors
  • Radiation Therapy of Brain Tumors
    • - Part I: A Basic Guide
    • - Part II: Background and Research Guide
  • Shunts
  • Coping with a Brain Tumor
    • - Part I: From diagnosis to treatment
    • - Part II: During and after treatment
  • Using a Medical Library
  • Organizing a Support Group ("how-to" pamphlet)
  • Current Support Group Listing (by state, please request which state)
  • Connections: A pen-pal program

Physician Resource Lists

  • - Physicians who offer investigational treatments for brain tumors in ADULTS
  • - Physicians who offer investigational treatments for brain tumors in CHILDREN
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