Cognitive and Functional Rehabilitation in Brain Injury

Neurosurgical Diagnoses Under Consideration


Mechanisms of Functional Recovery

Definitions in Rehabilitation

Domains of Concern in Rehabilitation

Element of Time

Medical Stability Issues(1)

Medical Stability Issues(2)

Seizure Prophylaxis in TBI Rationale

Seizure Prophylaxis in TBI Risks

Orthopedic/Musculoskeletal Issues

Cognitive Impairments

Cognitive Remediation

Behavioral Impairments

Physical Performance Deficits

Living Environment

Treatment Settings for Rehabilitation Management

Research Frontiers

Research Frontiers Medications

Research Frontiers Functional Outcomes

Functional Outcomes Brain Dysfunction - 1990

Functional Outcomes Brain Dysfunction - 1995

Functional Outcomes Changes 1990-1995

Research Frontiers TBI Model Systems Research

Rehabilitation after Brain Injury