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  Neurosurgery Grand Rounds
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A speaker's perspective of a presentation
in the Ether Dome (minus the audience)
(A QuickTime .mov file)

[see movies from the Neuro ORs]

[MGH Grand Rounds]
Neurosurgical Service
Massachusetts General
Harvard Medical School

MGH Neurosurgery Grand
Rounds Schedule

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Neurosurgical Grand Rounds Presentations
History of Neurosurgery at MGH

Disclaimer: The information and reference materials contained herein are intended solely to provide background information. They were written for an audience of physicians as participants in our Neurosurgical Grand Rounds. They are in no way intended to constitute medical advise. For medical advise a physician must be consulted. � 2010 All Rights Reserved.

[MGH Neurosurgical Service] This is an illustration of the Bulfinch Building, the first home of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
As you have seen, we use the symbol of the Bulfinch Building as a link to the MGH Neurosurgery homepage.

[Neurosurgery Rounds]

Neurosurgical Grand Rounds at MGH are presented in the Ether Dome Amphitheater located in the dome of the Bulfinch Building each Thursday from 8-9 a.m.. We use Mr Hinkley's painting of the first ether operation as a link to our Neurosugery Grand Rounds.

Ether Dome Presentations
[Neurosurgey Grand Rounds Speaker Lists ]
Cranial Base
Functional Neurosurgery
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