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[Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery] Technology & the Neurosurgery Operating Rooms:

Neuro Control Room | Surgical Planning & IGS | Stereotactic Neurosurgery
Intra-Operative MRI
| Intra-Operative CT | Intra-Operative Electrophysiology
Neuro ORs | Neuro Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neuro Control Room - Neuro Operating Rooms:
  Clinical support systems for the Neurosurgery Ors The systems are used as the staging area for medical neuroradiology images in planning neurosurgical cases. The micro PACS DICOM Server is utilized by MGH PACs to routinely push patient data sets to the Neuro OR for surgical case planning. The systems are used for planning stereotaxic surgery, framless stereotaxic surgery, and for OTS (optical tracking system) and IGS (image guided surgery) neurosurgical cases as well as for other routine neurosurgical cases involving CNS tumors, and functional neurosurgery.
Medical Images - Micro PACs DICOM Servers:
Micro Radiology
PACs Servers

Clinical Server:

Research (support) Servers:
      NSOR1 NSurgLab1 NSurgLab2 NSurgLab3 NSurgLab4
Surgical Planning & Image Guided Surgery Systems:

Stealth Navigator - Computer-Assisted Surgical Navigation

  • 3 Medtronic Stealth Navigator IGS Systems
Cbyon - computer enhanced visualization and navigation software systems for minimally invasive surgery.
  • 4 Cbyon Suite OTS Systems (Win XP)
Surgical Navigation Network [SNN] - image-guided surgery navigation system - case planning systems.
  • 1 SNN Surgical Navigation System (Win NT4)
Radionics - Image Guided Surgery, Stereotaxy, and Functional Neurosurgery - surgery case planning systems.
  • 3 OTS v2.0 Systems (HP Unix)
    • SPLAN + Fusion v1.0 Systems (HP UNIX)
    • SPLAN + Fusion v2.0 System (HP UNIX) [research use only]
Medical Image Workstations - Client Software:
  ConQuest Radiology
Micro PACs (PC)
Used as the Neuro OR desktop micro PACs server. It runs on an NT4 server desktop system.
  eFilm Medical Image
Workstation (PC)
Used on Win 95-2K desktop clients as a medical image workstation image viewer. It has a variety of image manipulation tools. Also runs as a DICOM server system on Win 95/NT/2K.
  Osiris Medical Image
Workstation (PC & MAC)
Used on Win 95-2K and MAC desktop clients as a medical image workstation image viewer has a variety of image manipulation tools.

MEDx Medical Image
Workstation (Linux)

Used on Red Hat Linux desktop systems.
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