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  MyMobile Resources
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  The links below are to services that are on the Neurosurgery, MGH or Partners Intranet. Some are simply inside the Partners firewall, some are IP address restricted, and some are username/password protected. - back to Intranet Resources -
MyMobile Resources:

[e-mail me with your connection request]

A listing of applications and links to resources that are available to 'Moble' computing users on Palm OS, PocketPC, Symbian OS and SmartPhone OS based mobile and wireless systems.
  • iPhone - building applications and access to servers
  • Pocket PC Handheld - Pocket PC 2003 or 2002 devices. Examples: HP iPaq, Pocket PC Phones, Samsung i700, Audiovox XV6600
  • Palm OS-Based Handheld - Palm OS-Based Devices running OS 3.5 or higher. Examples: Palm Tungsten, Treo 600, 650 & 700w etc, Samsung
  • Symbian OS-Based Mobile Phone - Symbian OS 7.0 UIQ devices. Examples: Sony Ericsson P800 / P900, Motorola A920
  • Smartphone OS-Based Mobile Phone - Microsoft Smartphone OS devices. Examples: Motorola MPx220, Samsung i600, Audiovox SMT5600
  • RIM Blackberry enabled devices
  • Mostly, these are links to Palm OS based resources.

    We have briefly reviewed these sites and we think they look helpful. However, we do not assume liability for use of the specific products or services contained on the sites. Access and use of these sites is done at the users discretion.
    MGH Neurosurgery, Neurology and Brain Tumor Center & Collaborations with MGH MolBio:
    Some applications are 'test' servers or licensed
    by the department. Some are
    'free' applications found on the internet.

    BTC Member Services:
    [e-mail me with your connection request]
    Pylon Servers - wireless access to Partners Email, Calendar, Contacts, etc.
    M-Biz Servers - wireless access to Clinical Applications Neurosurgery OnCall, PPD, Protocols, Call Schedules, etc. and almost any web based portals; it is an AvantGo System.

    Local copies of 'free' applications from the internet:
  • Acrobat Palm Reader - AcroRead.prc
  • AvantGo Enterprise - AvantGo.prc
  • ChemoReg - ChemoReg03.prc
  • Database Palm Viewer - DatabaseViewer.exe
  • Epocrates - Epocrates2PalmW.exe
  • Eponyms - Eponyms.prc or Eponyms181.prc and Eponyms.pdb
  • Math Library - MathLib.prc
  • Medical Calculator - MedCalc.prc
  • Medical Math - medmath.prc
  • Micromedex mobile - mobilemicromedex.exe
  • Patient Keeper - patientkeeper.prc
  • PDB Database Converter -
  • Pedi Base+ - or PedBase.prc, PedB.PDB and PedBaseIndex-PedB.PDB
  • PepID - pepidinstall.exe
  • SSH on Palm -
  • SSH on Palm - TuSSH0.71.prc
  • SSL on Palm or HsSSLPlus109aLib.prc
  • Status Bar - StatusBarLib.prc
  • Mobile Apps - Clinical Resources - MGH / Harvard / Partners /Others
    Note: some of these links are public, some require login access (partners username and password - many require partners\username formatting) and some require vpn connections to be available outside the partners firewall.
  • OnCall Neurosurgery (handheld) - clinical results
  • OnCall Schedule (daily PPD list)
  • Partner Phone Directory (PPD)
  • PACSwatch Push Study Page
  • NeuroSuite
  • Group 36 Neurosurgery  Pager
  • Status Group 36 People
  • Hollis (text-only) Search
  • PubMed Mobile
  • WorldCat Mobile
  • Harvard Med eCommons web site pages 'Mobile Access' and 'Going Mobile'
  • AvantGo Enterprise(1.2 mb) - AvantGo Client and Server Software work in tandem to provide you with Harvard MyCourses and personalized web content for your handheld. This version of AvantGo Client Software runs on PalmOS handheld devices.
  • ePocrates Free (2.9 mb) - Free drug and formulary reference.
  • Medical Eponyms (202 kb) - A list of 1,500 common and obscure medical eponyms (e.g., Rovsing's sign, Virchow's node) with descriptions.
  • MedMath (41 kb) - MedMath is a freeware medical calculator for the Palm Computing Platform. It is designed for rapid calculation of common equations used in adult internal medicine. It is capable of calculating complex quantities (e.g. Dubois formula for Body Surface Area) without resorting to external libraries such as MathLib. For certain quantities, alternate units can easily be selected.
  • Micromedex (5.2 mb) - Covers alternative treatment options, emergency treatment, common poisonings, and over 1,300 drugs.
  • PatientKeeper (400 kb) -This program allows you to record a patients entire H&P as well as keep track of any lab results. The author has made excellent use of keypads and dropdown lists to make entering data very quick.
  • PepidCRC (website) - Organized by clinical rotation, this product contains all the information you need for every phase of medical school and residency. Over 1700 diseases and clinical situations are covered. With the introduction of the new, integrated Suite of Products, you have access to clinical and drug references and also have an intuitive link to medical calculators (PEPID MC) and the ability to cross-reference up to 40 drugs, herbal remedies, and OTC medications simultaneously in the drug interactions (PEPID DI) module.
  • PCHInet and PDA Sites:
  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions - Pocket Library- Access well known clinical references such as Pocket Anatomy, Drug Guide, Pediatric Drug Guide and Geriatric Drug Guide.
  • Harrison's On Hand - Clinical information on internal medicine and drug information.  Multiple downloads available.
  • ePocrates - Downloads available for drug and disease information with registration. ePocrates Rx 6.51, free for Palm OS devices synchronized with Windows computers.
  • Johns Hopkins Division of Infectious Diseases - Antibiotics Guide - Download the Antibiotics Guide for either Compaq IPAQ or any Palm OS Device.
  • mobileMICROMEDEX - Access to Drug Information, Alternative Medicine, Acute Care and Toxicology Data.
  • PDAHealthWare, Inc. - A site containing personal health software for your Palm Pilot.
  • - Looking for PDA information, products or services? This site provides access to all that and more.
  • - Physicians Desk Reference is available for you PDA.
  • PCHInet - Learn more about using your PDA with these sites.
  • PCHInet email us if you know of other PDA sites that would be helpful to PCHInet users.
  • "The PCHInet staff has briefly reviewed these sites and we think they look helpful. However, we do not assume liability for use of the specific products or services contained on the sites. Access and use of these sites is done at the users discretion."
    Mobile Apps - Free iPhone Apps
    • PrvContacts
    • Keeper
    • Evernote
    • WeatherBug
    • Pandora
    • RDPlite

    Not-so-Free iPhone Apps

    Computing Resources

    HELP! - Software: Antiviral, AntiSpam, AntiTrojan, AntiSpyWare - PC/MAC Office and PC Computer OS updates/patches/fixes - Dial-Up (phone modem), and VPN (cable / dsl) access - [e-mail me with your issue]

    Once you verify that you can connect to these resources, you can add a direct link, bookmark or favorite on you mobile device to go to the resource directly.
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