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The Functional and Stereotactic Neurosurgery Center provides comprehensive evaluation and care for patients with movement disorders, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and certain chronic pain syndromes. The center works closely with the Partners Parkinson and Movement Disorders Treatment Center, and the MGH Epilepsy Unit.
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Guide to Organizations Providing Epilepsy Support and Education

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  • Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria, Australia: EpiNet (includes useful on line reference information)
Canada USA



1470 Peel Street, Suite 745
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1T1


Epilepsy Concern International Service Group

Executive Director
1282 Wynnewood Drive
West Palm Beach, , FL 33417
(407) 683-0044 (Voice)

Epilepsy Concern, founded in 1978, strives to start and maintain small self-help groups of caring people who are seeking help in dealing with epilepsy. The organization is comprised of self-supporting units called area councils that represent geographic areas. Members of the groups are mostly people with epilepsy and their families. There are nine groups at present, one of which is made up of friends of people with epilepsy. The Group provides opportunities for people with epilepsy to share activities and concerns. The organization pools the resources and talents of thos involved with epilepsy and helps epilepsy self-help groups grow. Epilepsy Concern also publishes information pamphlets.

Publications Concern (newsletter)--articles on epilepsy , organization activities, and local groups' activities.
Epilepsy Foundation of America

Director, Public Info & Education
4351 Garden City Drive
Landover, MD 20785
(301) 459-3700 (Voice)
(800) 332-1000 (Info/Referrals)

The Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA) resulted from the merger in 1967 of the Epilepsy Association of America and the Epilepsy Foundation. Since then, it has been joined by the National Epilepsy League. EFA represents the interests of people with epilepsy and provides a variety of services from the national office and through its affiliates. Services provided include parent and patient information, counseling and referrals, employment assistance, self-help advisory and youth programs, training grants, medical services, low-cost pharmacy services, publications for physicians, educational programs for teachers, support for medical research, and EEO training grants and programs. Affiliated organizations serve as advocates in support of State legislation and provision of services, provide technical assistance to State agencies, and coordinate statewide resources for epilepsy. There are more than 80 local affiliates, which provide services and a variety of direct services for people with epilepsy. --

EFA offers a toll-free information and referral number and a catalog of educational materials, including books, pamphlets, audiotapes, and videotapes for all ages. The Foundation also produces educational program kits for groups, such as physicians, nurses, educators, law enforcement officers, and others, which address medical and social aspects of epilepsy. Serial publications: EpilepsyUSA (newsletter) published eight times per year--features stories about epilepsy patients, development in patient treatment, EFA activities, human interest stories, research, and Federal news; KidsNews--a quarterly exchange with articles of interest to children with seizure disorders; and Epilepsy Advances, a quarterly publication for researchers in the epilepsy field, which reviews scientific literature about seizure disorders.


Suite 308
1 Promenade Circle
Thornhill, Ontario
Canada L4J 4P8
800-463-1119 (toll-free, Ontario only)
905-764-1231 fax



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