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Selected Recent Publications
Dr Eskandar | Research | CV | Links
Emad N. Eskandar, M.D. 
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Selected Publications:

EN Eskandar, LA Shinobu, JB Penney, GR Cosgrove. Nonmicroelectrode-guided pallidotomy: Surgical Technique and 2 year results. J. Neurosurgery, 92:375-383, 2000.

Eskandar E, Shinobu LA, Penney JB Jr, Cosgrove GR. Non-microelectrode guided stereotactic pallidotomy for Parkinson's disease: surgical technique and results. Stereotact Funct Neurosurg. 1999;72(2-4): 245.

EN Eskandar, JA Assad. Dissociation of Visual, Motor, and Predictive Signals in Parietal Cortex During Visual Guidance. Nature neuroscience, Vol 2(1) 1999, PP 88 - 93.

EN Eskandar, GR Cosgrove, LK Shinobu, JB Penney Jr. The Importance of Accurate Lesion placement in Pallidotomy: Report of Two Cases. J. Neurosurgery,89(4):630-4, 1998 Oct.

EN Eskandar, SA Weller, DM Frim. Hydrocephalus Requiring Urgent External Ventricular Drainage in a Patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Cerebral Edema. Neurosurgery. Vol. 40(4) 1997: 836-8.

EN Eskandar, BJ Richmond, LM Optican. Role of Inferior Temporal Neurons in Visual Memory: I. Temporal Encoding of Information about Visual Images, Recalled Images, and Behavioral Context. J. Neurophysiol. Vol. 68, No. 4, Oct. 1992, PP 1277-95.

EN Eskandar, LM Optican, BJ Richmond. Role of Inferior Temporal Neurons in Visual Memory: II. Multiplying Temporal Waveforms Related to Vision and Memory. J. Neurophysiol., Vol 68, No. 4, Oct. 1992, PP 1296-1306.

JA Hertz, TW Kjaer, EN Eskandar, BJ Richmond. Measuring Natural Neural Processing with Artificial Neural Networks. International Journal of Neural Systems. 3. Suppl. 1992: 91-103.

Emad N. Eskandar, Barry J. Richmond, John A. Hertz, Lance M. Optican, and Troels Kjaer. Decoding of Neuronal Signals in Visual Pattern Recognition. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems IV. Morgan and Kaufman, San Mateo, CA, 1992, PP 356-363.

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