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Appointments, Second Opinions and Referrals

The Cranial-Base Center offers consultations; treatment in partnership with referring physicians; or complete, long-term patient management that includes:
Evaluation and diagnosis
The most advanced surgical, radiologic, and medical treatments, including minimally invasive endoscopic surgery and proton radiation therapy
Access to multi-center clinical trials
Comprehensive support and rehabilitation services, including social work, physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition

The following items, if available, will be very helpful to the Center's specialists as they prepare to see you. These items should arrive at the Cranial Base Center no less that 48 hours prior to the appointment when possible, and should be delivered by hand or by overnight mail.
  • Clinical summary, including all previous surgeries and treatments, as well as current clinical condition of the patient.
  • Copies of the most recent MRI or CT scans. It is difficult for us to return scans.
  • Operative reports.
  • Pathology reports.
  • Pathology slides, if possible. (Pathology slides will be returned to the hospital of their origin.)

    Please contact us before sending any materials.
    Materials should be sent by overnight mail to:

    Yawkey Outpatient Center
    9th Floor, Suite 9E
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    55 Fruit Street
    Boston, MA 02114

For more information about the services of the Mass General / MEEI Cranial-Base Program or to refer a patient, please call 617.724.8772, or visit Cranial Base Center.

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For information and patient referrals,
you may contact an individual physician or call:

Cranial Base Center

Yawkey Outpatient Center
9th Floor, Suite 9E

Appointments can usually be arranged
within one week.

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